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PlayStation VR Aim Controller Price Revealed

PlayStation VR Aim Controller was first shown at E3 2016, and VR crowd started looking forward to more details. Several days ago Sony revealed its price: it will become available to the public in the USA for $79.99, in Canada for $99.99 and in the UK for £74.99.

Release date: the 16th of May 2017 for US / Canada and the 17th of May for the UK.

PlayStation VR Aim Controller

Pay attention: the Aim Controller will be shipped with Farpoint game. It will be a part of the bundle, and you can’t purchase it separately from the game. Right now there is no information about if will be available separately in future. Sony declined to give more details.

Though Sony refused to give more details, we know that they said that Aim controller would be compatible with many different VR games. It is the proof. Farpoint is the best VR shooter for PS VR right now, and that’s why they decided to include Aim into the bundle. We guess that it will be available for purchasing without games, but later.

How much will it cost separately? All we can do is just speculate. We know that the Farpoint game itself will cost $50 in the United States. A fast calculation shows that separate aim controller will cost about $30 for US customers.  

Right now the controller is a part of the bundle. But is it necessary for playing Farpoint? The answer is yes. You will not be able to enjoy the game without it! It will give you much more fun. Shooting enemies is what you will need to do, and this device makes the process very enjoyable.

The other reason for purchasing it is that it will be compatible with other game titles in future. Sony had confirmed this before. So if you are going to play VR shooters, you should purchase this additional device.

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