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Oculus Rift Becomes Cheaper - $200 Price Cut!

As you remember, Microsoft announced the release of the cheapest VR headset not so long ago. They say it will cost about $300$400. This was great news and many VR fans started to look forward these new devices. The offer looks even more brilliant if we take into account that you will not need separate hand trackers!

We guessed that Microsoft did this in order to start their dominance in Virtual Reality industry. Right now the industry is growing and there are 3 major players there: Facebook with Oculus Rift, Sony with PlayStation VR and HTC with VIVE. But all their devices cost a lot. It will take you about $800 to buy helmet and hand controllers.

Oculus decided not to for Microsoft’s sets release and started to act. They have announced a huge price cut! Now you can buyOculus Rift + Touch controller for $598! This is almost $200 cheaper than HTC set. This discount is permanent and now everybody can buy Rift + touch for $598.

Oculus Rift Becomes Cheaper

If you want to buy one of these devices separately, the helmet will cost you $499 and the touch $99. The price each product was decreased by $100 providing $200 total discount for a whole set.

Though the price cut is huge it’s still not the best offer on the market. If you estimate and compare it with Sony PlayStation VR you will see that it will cost you about $800 to buy console + VR set. For the Oculus Rift it will cost you more than $1000. But anyway the price cut is great and those of you who were dreaming about Oculus set may now afford it.

As you see VR market becomes more competitive. It looks like we will see a very big battle between VR industry leaders.  But competition is always great for buyers. Prices go down and the quality usually grows. Hope this price cut from Oculus is only the first step.

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