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Microsoft's VR Headset Price Revealed

Virtual Reality segment is growing rapidly. More and more companies get involved in this business investing millions of dollars in this new technology. Microsoft is not an exception. They saw growing trend and also decided to participate. They announced their headset to be released in spring 2017 but the price they are going to set shocks the industry.

They say they are going to offer the cheapest Virtual Reality headset you can buy! The cheapest option will cost about $299 which is much more affordable than any other VR headset you can find right now. For example, current leader Oculus Rift will cost you $599 if you order it on Amazon.

Microsoft VR Headset

Why is the price so low?

The answer is simple: Microsoft wants to attract as much attention to this new product as possible. They missed smartphone boom letting Apple dominate, and they don’t want to lose this new Virtual Reality niche. It looks like they want to be leaders here. The niche is going to be huge, and they want to take their market share.

If the price they set is similar to what Oculus offers, attention to their new product will be low. They want to start their leadership by setting such an attractive price. Microsoft is one of the reaches companies in the world, and they can afford this.

Some experts predict that Microsoft will not target this price segment for a long time. They want just give their new product a good start.

What does it mean for a buyer?

Well, we all know that competition is always good for the customer. The more products we can choose from – the better. Competition affects quality and prices a lot. When Oculus first offered their VR headset, there was no competition in this niche. But nowadays the situation changes.

If Microsoft succeeds with their new product, the company may become one of the leaders in this niche. Don’t forget that they own Xbox and can replace Rift with their product sooner or later. They have all the potential and tools to dominate current VR industry, and they will most likely use this chance.

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