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Microsoft VR Headset Will have Built-in Head Tracking

Microsoft announced new virtual reality headset at the end of 2016. Nobody expected such good news. Most of the people expected them to continue developing their HoloLens, but they announced a new product. Now Facebook with Oculus Rift has to worry about their market share. And buyers will receive more opportunities taking into account that the new headset will cost about $300!

But the low price is not the only reason for joy. Microsoft announced thatthe headset can track user’s position without additional devices! It is excellent news.

Right now mobile VR sets like Daydream View and Gear VR can track head’s rotation. But they can’t track position making the experience a little restricted. Of course, tracking rotation is a very cool feature, but it’s not enough for awesome experience.

PC-powered virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift andHTC Vive can track rotation and position, but you will need special equipment for this. For example, Oculus Rift uses special base stations to track position in the air. It makes the whole setup more complicated and less portable. You can see this station displayed below:

Oculus Rift Head Tracking

External tracking system forces a user to have a dedicated room where he can use the headset.

Microsoft makes a small revolution. Their product uses “inside-out six-degree-of-freedom sensors” that track both rotation and position of the head. You don’t need any external stuff like base stations. You also don’t need dedicated space. All you need is built into the headset.

Taking into account that the price is going to be low this product seems brilliant! Customer will receive head tracking right from the box!

What about Oculus? Will they have similar features in their next models? It looks like we will not be able to see a similar feature in Oculus soon. Their new Santa Cruz prototype is still in development, and there is a lot of work to do before it goes live.

As you see, Microsoft is going to make a huge step forward. New Windows 10 powered headset has everything many VR fans are looking for. It has an affordable price and many great features you will most likely find useful.

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