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Vive Tracker without Headset – Possible?

VIVE Tracker is a very cool thing that makes VR experience much better. It allows tracking movements of your arms, legs, weapon you wield and so on. It has thousands of potential applications. But will you need a headset to use all the benefits of this technology? It’s not so clear… And one of community members at the official HTC forums decided to find this out.

A user tsoomoo asked if he could use Trackers + base stations without purchasing full Vive package. The topic can be found at Viveport forums.

The staff member replied, “Not at this time; you do need to have the HMD to use the tracker or the controllers normally.” Most of VR websites distributed this news. But the answer was edited later, and right now it just says: “Wait for further announcements and information.”

As you can see right now, HTC is not sure about the question.  The first answer clearly says that it’s impossible, but the latest editing means we have to wait for more details. Maybe HTC will expand this technology and make it separate from the headset itself. It would be great because there are so many places and situations where it could be used without Virtual reality itself.

This technology has great potential and may become a huge source of income for HTC in future.

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