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Amazon is going to enter Virtual Reality!

Virtual reality market is growing fast. More companies start investing money in different VR Projects. It looks like Amazon, one of the largest companies in the world, also wants to enter the niche!

Not so long ago the company posted a vacancy to Glassdoor. They were looking for a senior software development manager for the virtual reality related project. Right now the vacancy is not available and you can't see it there. That’s why we don’t provide the URL. But believe us, it was there. All major VR news sites published this information.

What exactly was there?

The description of vacancy told that Amazon was looking for a talented developer who can lead their VR team. The team will be building VR experience within Amazon Video. The description also mentioned that they want to bring 3D VR to the public.

Right now, Amazon’s most serious competitors in this niche are Netflix and Hulu. The first has already developed a Virtual Reality application for Samsung Gear VR. The second is going to release the application in future. But they all provide only 2D experience. Amazon is going to provide 3D experience, and they can be one of the first if they succeed.

This job posting opens a lot of questions. It looks like we will see new information about this soon. Right now we don’t know if the company is going to develop VR software only. Who knows, maybe they want to bring new Virtual Reality headset to the market.

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