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LG Virtual Reality Headset Review

LG’s virtual reality headset was shown to the public not so long ago. Early information about it tells that it is Steam VR compatible. If this is the truth, it will be VIVE competitor after release. But HTC has at least one year advantage. It was released almost a year ago, and LG will have to offer something cool to beat HTC.

Pay attention: this is an early review based on the information we already know. It will be updated after more information is revealed.

LG Virtual Reality Headset


  • Displays: 2 OLED displays made by LG 1440 x 1280 each.
  • Diagonal: 3.64 inches
  • Refresh rate: 90 Hz
  • Field of View: 110 degree


The headset is black without any other colors. It looks similar to VIVE and PS VR. It uses PlayStation VR wielder's ring to sit on your head. The main part can be moved up and down + forward and backward. It has a camera on the front panel.

One of the possible reasons LG is getting involved in VR industry is because they produce high-quality displays. And their VR uses their displays.


LG VR is quite easy to use. You need to put the main ring on your head and adjust it. The main part is connected to the ring and can be moved up, down, forward and backward. It gives you the ability to quickly remove the main part from your eyes without taking off entire set. It is a useful feature when you need to give some freedom to your eyes.

LG VR sits comfortable on your head, and its weight is located mostly on the forehead. If you compare it to VIVE or Rift, you will see that LG offers more comfortable weight distribution. For example, in Oculus Rift most of the weight is located in front of the face making it difficult to wear it for long period of time. LG is more comfortable.

Similar technologies are used in Acers VR, and Lenovo VR sets. They just use another approach, but the idea is the same: make the device easy to remove from eyes.


LG virtual reality headset has special controllers. They look pretty much like VIVE’s wands with several buttons and trackpad on them. An action trigger is located below. The only difference is that the top part of VIVE’s controllers is rounded. LG decided to make it angular instead. The controllers are comfortable to use, but right now they don’t offer any unique features.

LG VR Controllers


Right now there is no confirmed information about this. The first demo version was shown with Valve’s Lighthouse base stations. But final version may use other base stations for tracking. But we can assume that this headset will not have built-in tracking. It will be using external base stations.

Pay attention that this review is very early and is subject to change a lot after more information is released.