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Lenovo Virtual Reality (VR) Headset Review

Lenovo Virtual Reality headset currently has no title and release date. All we know so far is that it is going to be released in 2017. It will appear as a part of Microsoft’s plans to enter VR industry. Microsoft collaborates with Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Acer and HP to bring cheap VR to the market. The price of Lenovo’s set is relatively small: between $300 and $400.

Lenovo VR headset


  • Weight: 350 grams (36% lighter than VIVE)
  • Displays: 2 OLED screens 1440×1440 pixels
  • Controllers: not available right now


If you look at the headset briefly, you will see that it looks a little bit similar to PlayStation VR. The head part is also made of plastic, and the main part has a thin metallic outline. Front side isn’t entirely flat and has 2 cameras located on the left and the right side.

Lenovo headset


Developers paid attention to making this device easy to use and comfortable. One of the things you will notice right after you take it in your hands is that it’s lighter than other VR devices. It weighs about 350 grams (HTC VIVE weights 550 grams). As you see, it’s 36% lighter than VIVE! It is a pretty nice advantage that will allow you to stay in virtual reality for much longer.

Moreover, when you put the VIVE on the whole weight is located in front of your face. This position makes your neck tired fast. Using this device for a long time is difficult. But Lenovo’s VR distributes all the weight differently: the most part is located on your forehead. It’s much easier to wear such helmet. It is designed especially for long VR sessions. As you see, Lenovo virtual reality headset is lighter and is more comfortable to wear than other VR headsets! Engineers did a great job!

Perfect position on the head and weight are not the only advantages. It has a very simple system that allows to get it out very fast if you wish to watch somewhere else. Just swing the main part up, and your eyes are free!  You don’t need to take off the entire set to look around. Flip the main part down after you are done and continue your VR journey.

Ergonomics is one of the advantages of Lenovo’s set over current market leaders.


Head position tracking is a pain for all VR devices developers. Right now most of them solve the problem using external base stations. These stations are put not far from a player and track his movements.

Lenovo uses other technology. They use a built-in tracking system that doesn’t require external equipment. Two cameras on the front panel track scan the room and track position of your head for Room Scale VR. It is a great step forward. Now you don’t need to set up special place or room where you can use your VR. You can use it pretty much everywhere.  

This technology is also used by Acer VR and other headsets powered by Windows 10.

As for the controllers: you will still need them for playing games.

Other Lenovo Devices for VR

As you know, Lenovo produces a lot of different hardware. If you don’t have VR ready PC, you may want to buy their Legion Y720 gaming laptop designed for VR. This laptop has exclusive Entertainment Hub: media library with virtual reality content. The idea of this library is not only to collect all VR content in one place but also make non-VR content available for watching. For example, you may watch a movie in a virtual IMAX-like theater.