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Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality Headset is a piece of equipment that is worn over the eyes, pretty much like goggles. But it doesn’t allow a wearer to see the surrounding world through it directly. It blocks out light from the outside and uses unique technology to show wearer virtual world instead of real.

The most impressive feature is that you feel like you are “inside” the action. You can interact with this new world in several ways. The device tracks movements of your head and hands and repeats them in virtual reality.

This technology is mostly used for playing computer games, but it has tremendous potential. It can be used in other applications such as training modules and simulators. The primary goal of the virtual reality helmet is to immerse the wearer in the game or simulator, for a more enhanced experience.

Virtual Reality Headset Models

LG’s virtual reality headset was shown to the public not so long ago. Early information tells that it is Steam VR compatible. [..]
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Lenovo Virtual Reality headset currently has no title and release date. All we know so far is that it is going to be released in 2017. The price is going to be low… [..]
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Acer is one of the first companies to release Windows 10 Virtual reality headset. It is made for developing apps in mixed reality. [..]
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The technology is cool but requires huge investments. Right now there are three major players on VR market:

  • Facebook – Oculus Rift
  • Sony - PlayStation VR
  • HTC – Vive

These helmets are one of the most advanced and coolest. They have their features and are great! But they are not the only. More and more companies are trying to enter the market with their own devices. One of the largest is Microsoft. The company is going to partner with large hardware manufacturers: Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer to release Windows 10 powered VR headsets.

Prices / Entering Cost

Right now it will cost you about $500 to enter VR (if you already own a modern PC or console). If you don’t have console or PC, you will have to spend extra money purchasing it. Though the price is very high people buy headsets because of a unique experience.

Analytics estimate current VR market to grow rapidly over the next 2 – 4 years. That’s why more and more companies will be entering it trying to reserve a spot. It is going to be a huge niche! The competition will lead to technological advancement, and the prices will go down. For example, Microsoft wants to release the cheapest helmet. It will cost $300 - $400 which is $100 - $200 cheaper than current market leaders.

Head and Hands Tracking

Currently, head and hands tracking is a problem for all manufacturers. You have to set up special base stations not far from you to let the system track head and hands. You also have to hold special controllers in your hands for this. Fortunately, all the controllers are wireless and are very comfortable.


As in any piece of equipment, there are some problems associated with VR headsets.

  • One of these is that a poor VR experience can make a person sick. A good helmet moves along with the wearer’s head, and if there is a bit of lag or it is out of sync with the actual movement, there is a likelihood of motion sickness. That’s why you should never buy the device without testing or reading reviews.
  • A lighter disadvantage is that VR can make the eyes and head sweaty. Wearing it for too long can be quite uncomfortable around the eyes and head. Also, wearing it for too long has made some people confused as to which is virtual reality and real life, albeit for a short time only.

The virtual reality headset was first introduced in 1994 but has undergone a lot of technological innovations ever since. There are far more uses for the technology now than ever before, and by the looks of it, there will be many more applications for it in the real world.

Where is it used?

VR headsets are mostly used for playing computer games, but it’s not the only area. The military has adopted the technology for all three branches and is mostly used for training. Soldiers can use VR to simulate actual combat situations without having actually to get into a dangerous situation. It has proven to be very helpful because soldiers can react quicker to different scenarios.

In sports, it has its uses as well, mostly in training also. Golfers, basketball players, baseball players, skiers, and other athletes use it to measure their performances during practice and training sessions to fine tune their techniques, see where they need points of improvement, analyze their performance, and more. Professional athletes are always trying to look for ways on how to improve their performances, and the VR headset has proven to be an effective piece of equipment for them.

The technology has also been used in the corporate setting, as some businesses have adopted it for their advantage. An example of this is the launch of a new product. Some companies use virtual reality to present their new product in a new and different manner. It is like they are looking at the product in a different viewpoint, which is a more enhanced one, before launching the actual product and going into the manufacturing stage. It saves time and costs.