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Oculus Public Test Channel

Update 1.13 brings several updates to tracking improvement and a new feature called Oculus Public Test Channel. This feature allows headset users to test new versions of the software before its official release. It’s similar to playing on the PTS in MMO game.

Oculus team decided to make this channel to attract more testers to receive their help with tweaking software and fixing bugs. A user who participates in this program may send reports to the developer’s team and thus assist the VR headset to become better.

Reasons to take part

If you enter the channel, you will receive new versions of Oculus software long time before it goes live. On the one hand, it’s great because it allows you to try new features and benefit from critical fixes faster. On the contrary, it may cause some errors because the soft you will be using is raw. As you see, there is a significant advantage and a disadvantage.


  • You may enter the channel anytime. You may also leave it anytime if you don’t like the experience you receive. Entering and leaving process is easy and described below.
  • You will be getting all the software updates automatically. If there is no pre-release version available, you will receive public version.
  • You are not obligated to send any information about bugs to developers. Everything is according to your will. If you wish you may send the reports, but if you don’t want nobody will force you.
  • Remember that participating in Public Test Channel means you will be using a beta version of the Oculus software! Beta may contain bugs and errors which may affect your VR satisfaction.

Enrolling in the Public Test Channel

  • Open the Oculus app on your PC
  • Click cogwheel icon and then select Settings
  • Click Beta in the left menu
  • Next to Public Test Channel, click to enroll
Leaving the channel is easy: repeat the same steps but click again Next to Public Test Channel to leave. As you see it’s easy.

Bug Reports

The primary goal of this feature is to let regular users test beta software and receive feedback. Any participant can report a bug and attach Oculus logs. The logs will help developers to fix software problems and make it more stable.

The logs contain information about your computer and about how the Oculus app was working before the error occurred.

Remember, that the support staff doesn’t respond to bug reports and doesn’t troubleshoot your issues. If you continue getting errors, you may leave the channel anytime.  

To report a bug:

  • Open the Oculus app on your computer
  • Click Cogwheel icon and then select Settings
  • Click Bug icon at the bottom
  • Tell us about the bug you found and then click Report Bug

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