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CRANGA!: Harbor Frenzy Winning Tips

CRANGA!: Harbor Frenzy is a fascinating and tough puzzle game for Virtual Reality headsets. It may seem easy to play and win, but it’s not. It requires accurate movements and strategical thinking. In this article, I will reveal some basic tips about the game. Hope it will help you to advance faster and reach higher levels.

The Objective

You appear in a harbor, and you manage a big crane. A tower made of 30 containers is located in front of you. The containers have different color, and your goal is to remove them in the order the game requires. For example, if you see that the game asks to remove green container you need to push one of the green containers out of the tower.

The order is important! If you remove wrong container (blue instead of green), it will drop to the ground and explode. The explosion will destroy the tower, so you need to be attentive and accurate.

How to play Cranga Harbor Frenzy

The main difficulty is that you need to remove containers carefully. If you move inaccurate, you may change the position of other containers and the tower will become weaker. The more containers you remove, the less stable the tower becomes.


CRANGA!: Harbor Frenzy is tough to play, but there are some powers you may use to succeed. For example, you may slow down time, or you can instantly remove the container without pushing it. Sometimes the game allows changing the target, for example from a green container to another color.

Cranga Powers

These powers may help you a lot, and you shouldn’t waste them if you don’t need them. It’s better to wait for the moment when the current power will be useful.


There are some tricks you can use in CRANGA. They will help you to earn more points and get rid of unexpected difficulties.

  • Don’t move fast! When you move fast, you may accidently touch unwanted stuff and decrease the stability of the tower. Your movements must be accurate! That’s the key!
  • You can touch multiple containers before pushing out what you need. This is a very cool trick that may help to remove some of the tough containers. This trick means you can gently push the container to another position without pushing it out. It allows changing the structure of your tower at late stages of the game.
  • Aim for top containers! Trying to remove higher containers will bring you less score, but it’s safer! Always aim for higher containers because it’s better in the long term. Leave lower containers for later stages when you have no other variants.
  • Remember, that you have one available power and you can use it anytime. But don’t rush into it. It’s better to save it for a really tough situation.
  • Think strategically! Remove the easiest blocks and keep extra power untouched.

Unlocking new levels

When you start playing you have access to basic levels only. All other levels are locked, and you have to unlock them. It can be done with special currency. You need to earn coins for hitting in-game goals. Right now the requirements are tough to meet, but it’s a challenge. Be accurate and try to earn a high score. It is the only way to advance.

If you have something to add, write your tips in the comments below. Hope my tips will help you to reach higher levels.

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