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Cosmic Trip

Developer: Funktronic Labs


Genre: Sci-fi Strategy Action

Cosmic Trip is survival real-time strategy game. You appear on the surface of an alien planet, and you need to build different objects and defend them from enemy forces. The graphics look cartoony, but it’s nice in general.

Like any other RTS game, Cosmic Trip also requires a player to gather resources for building and crafting. The most important resource you need to collect is crystals. You can harvest them yourself or build an army of small cosmo bots to gather resources for you.


  • The game supports Room Scale VR. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift users will be satisfied.
  • Capture territories and defend them with your
  • Different futuristic virtual reality weapon is available
  • Build cosmo bots to harvest the resources for you. Manage your supply lines.
  • Defense your property and territory with turrets and other defensive structures
The cool thing about this RTS game is that you have to participate in 2 different types of activities: building and fighting against aliens directly.


The first thing you see after you launch the game is a spaceship. You are standing inside it, and you can observe space through a huge window near you. You can see that your ship is near a massive yellow planet and you will be landing on it. This spacecraft is your starting area and main menu.  Here you can choose the game mode you wish to play:

  • Survival
  • Tutorial
  • Strategy
  • Hard Mode
  • Hyper Mode
We recommend starting from Tutorial! It will explain how to act and what to do. If you don’t know how to play Cosmic Trip, the tutorial mission is for you! Do not ignore it. Otherwise, you may have different questions in future. VR games differ from traditional PC games, and this tutorial will show you everything you need.

You select the mode and start playing. You appear on the surface of the yellow planet you previously saw in space. The primary objective is to survive against constant attacks of aliens and take big towers and harvesting nodes under control. Waves of enemies will be attacking your position periodically. The time left before the next wave arrives can be seen near your hand.  The countdown starts right after you land so don’t sleep!

Building is Everything

Cosmic Trip is often compared with StarCraft where building structures is everything! The first thing you need to build is Bot factory. It requires a battery to work, and it can produce different robots you need: workers and defenders. Workers will be harvesting crystals for you and transport them to a special refinery (if you have built it). If you don’t have the refinery, they will be bringing crystals to you.

Note: every factory or turret requires a battery to operate. A battery doesn’t last forever, and once it’s dead, you need to insert a new one to power the object.

As you see, resource management is crucial! A player has to manage his resources carefully to advance. If you build only harvesting structures, you will be getting crystals faster but you will also have to deal with enemies yourself. It may be tough because enemies become stronger over time.

How to Win?

The key to success is to pay attention to both harvesting and defending. That’s why you should also build defensive structures and bots. Battle bots and Laser robots will help to protect your territory from alien invaders. They can attack enemies when they arrive. But they take damage and need to be repaired after the battle is finished, so you need a Medic bot for this.

After you have set up harvesting and defense for one gathering node, you can teleport to another. Different nodes provide different amount of resources. For example, blue crystals will give 1 crystal per harvesting attempt while yellow node will give 3 crystals per attempt. That’s why unlocking new nodes is essential.

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