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Arizona Sunshine

Developer: Vertigo Games


Genre: Shooter Action Horror

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Arizona Sunshine is one of the most polished games for Virtual reality headsets nowadays. It is a zombie shooter which takes place in Arizona.

    • Game modes: single player and multiplayer


I the beginning you find yourself alone in a zombie world, and your goal is to survive. There is no backstory, and you don’t know why this happened. You just appear in the world and start fighting to find a safe place. There is no serious storyline, and the game is mostly about the VR gameplay.

You move around the map searching for what you can use: weapons, ammo, and other useful stuff. You can open different doors and car trunks. You can visit houses and other places. It’s not an entirely open world game, but you have a lot of freedom.


The AI is not very advanced. If you lock yourself in a building and zombies, know where you are they will not do their best to get to you. They don’t have much intelligence. They will not try to break windows or doors to get inside. They just stay outside and wait until you exit or kill them through the window.

Though the enemies are not too smart, you will be engaged in many exciting battles. Sometimes you will be hiding inside buildings, sometimes you will have to face enemies outside, and sometimes you will be able to take them down from a distance using a sniper rifle. You will even have a short encounter where you will be using a machine gun to take down a horde of zombies approaching you.

Weapons / Ammo

  • Pistols
  • Submachine Guns
  • Shotguns
  • Grenade launcher
There are different models of guns but the notable thing is that all pistols share the same ammo, all SMG’s also have the same ammo. So there are 4 weapon categories and 4 ammo categories.

The ammo is not infinite! You will have to search for ammo in order not to die. If you search in different places, you will always have enough bullets.

The game is teleported, and you need to “jump” from one location to another. Directional movement feature is not available, and it is sad because it could make the gameplay much more enjoyable.

You need a modern PC to enjoy all graphic effects the game offers. If you turn on “Advanced CPU Extra’s” setting, you will be able to blow up parts of the head and body of your enemies. Without this setting, enemies will just take regular hits, and no visual effects will happen.

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