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Vertigo Games

Vertigo Games is developer of virtual reality (VR) entertainment games, simulations, interactive visualizations and virtual training software for a wide variety of clients.

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List of Games

Arizona Sunshine is one of the most polished games for Virtual reality headsets nowadays. It is a zombie shooter which takes place in Arizona. [..]
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Since its establishment in 2008, Vertigo Games has made a remarkable impact in the gaming industry. It has designed games for almost every platform and can be accessed by various gaming consoles available in the market. The founders started a journey from the far isolated areas of The Netherlands (not famous for any software or Information Technology field) in the city of Rotterdam.

What Do They Major In?

They are focused on developing Virtual Reality (VR) amusement games, simulations, various interactive visualizations. They also design and implement different virtual training software for a large variety of customers. Their main aim is to satisfy their large customer base with strongest audiovisual experiences and by applying the advanced and probably the best entertainment gaming technology.

A successful company has many stronger aspects. It's time we should dwell inside their work and find out what makes them so famous in less span of time. We will talk about each platform for which they design entertaining games.

  • Mobile — Their primary focus is Apple's App store. They haven't stepped on Google's Play store as of now. As we all are aware of the hardware that iPhone offers, the games appear brilliant with excellent 3D graphics, and nice concept involved in the game makes it an unmatched piece for game lovers.
  • Playstation 3 — While Vertigo Games have released only 3 games for this segment, all the three have emerged a leader. Focused on Story-driven gameplay with both adventure and decent options, the combat fighting with good looking guns and weapons add an extra attraction for being glued with the gaming console.
  • Web — Have you ever thought that a game would teach you effortlessly to reduce your chances of error? If not, then here is an excellent game for you. Apart from entertaining followers with its unique ideas, the web games will let you learn new things and will guide you to perform in the 3D view. For sure, they are teaching something which can be utilized in future. So, if you want to learn something apart from thrilling gaming experiences, then don't look east or west, just head into vertigo games Web section.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) — Want to experience the game on iPhone like never before. They have designed Virtual reality supported games. The graphics and sound effects will make you go awe. All you have to do is to get a VR headset. The underwater game feels like real, and apart from touching things off, you will have a much closer feel as if you are inside water. Thanks to the programmer and graphics designer for rolling out such a fantastic game.
So, as of now, we have not witnessed any company which develops games with such a variation. From mobile to the web, to VR supported and gaming console enabled, The Vertigo games have got you covered.


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