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HandMade Game

HandMade Game is South Korean independent game studio that makes virtual reality games.

Official website:

List of Games

CRANGA!: Harbor Frenzy is a virtual reality casual puzzle game. You are standing in the center of a large harbor, and you control an industrial crane. This crane is used for pushing containers from a tower. [..]
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If you are a gaming enthusiast looking for something a bit different, then you should check out the work being produced by South Korean independent game studio, HandMade Game. This small company is producing a variety of interesting games with real craftsmanship that adds to the unique entertainment value.

Most Famous Projects

Their flagship game is called Rooms and there are a number of variations on this unique dark fairy tale style game, which involves guiding a girl through a series of room-based puzzles. Rooms – the unsolvable puzzle – which takes the player through a twisted dark mansion and includes 144 different puzzle levels.

It features some traditional gameplay such as dodging the baddies, and throwing explosives, but sliding each of the rooms to move on, gives it a nostalgic almost real-life play feel reminiscent of physical puzzles. The game includes over 96 story lines so there is always a different path to take and players will never be short of new challenges.

If you don’t like gothic fairy stories, then check out their plans for a new game called Cranga Harbor Frenzy. It involves virtual reality managing of a crane carrying a whole load of different shipping containers, which really expands out from the original Jenga concept and makes it an online game with a twist and the aim is to avoid completely destroying the harbor. The bright block designs and colors in the scenery here couldn’t contrast more with the Rooms style.

It is evident that HandMade Games founder, Jake Jonghwa Kim, has a real eye for the audience, creating amazing visuals which really stand out from the traditional virtual reality computer graphics which we are all used to seeing.

Palette is a prime example – a game described as for the eyes rather than the brain. This one sees the user taking designs and color palettes to paint them virtually and create some amazing art online.

The other project of this studio is called Space Maestro. It is described as a game to build your own “musical galaxy” and the visuals look amazing with beautiful space-focused graphics. According to the site description, it will allow the game player to use movement through physical space to create a musical galaxy. You can convert gas clouds into stars, which will create music when you touch them, creating a wonderful spatial music program

HandMadeGame is really pushing the boundaries in the independent game world, crafting beautiful imagery and combining it with inspirational music to bring a unique game experience. Their games will take you back to your childhood through the clever use of real game elements like Jenga and sliding puzzles while giving you that real modern gaming experience at the same time.

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