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Funktronic Labs

Funktronic labs is a new gaming company that has created Virtual reality and interactive media experiences great. It has made a few games based on Sci-fi and adventure themes.

Official website:

List of Games

Cosmic Trip is survival real-time strategy game. You appear on the surface of an alien planet, and you need to build different objects and defend them from enemy forces. [..]
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It focuses on creating and delivering great experiences through games, Interactive media and VR tech to its users.

The team loves to build different entertainment projects to provide polished gameplay experience along with virtual reality technology incorporation into the games which allows users to feel the game and have a multi-dimensional experience.

The company has also made games that one can play on both IOS supporting devices and Windows phones. One of the games is a sci-fi themed story that has been turned into Adventure. The other game is a musical experimental puzzle game.

They develop apps and games with interactive puzzles, music toys, real-time themes, real-time visuals, and many more features for tech nerds and tech lovers who are into the latest technologies and gaming innovations.

It also features apps and programs for futuristic live performances, Project mapping, and VR technology. Funktronic Labs website offers an insight and view of the technologies they are using and experiments they are creating. The visuals are high definition and give a 3D effect.

Funktronic Labs have created and opened doors for Real life technology and Virtual Reality which gives the players and users a surreal and magical experience to enjoy and love.

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